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Amy C. Blake

Author Amy C. Blake has appeared in many publications, both Christian-based and secular. With a Masters in English from Mississippi College, her work has consistently won praise and awards throughout her writing career, which has included everything from contributing articles to the publication of her full-length novels Whitewashed and Colorblind. Amy is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mother of four who resides in beautiful Ohio.

Visit Amy on her website and connect with her via Facebook and Twitter.

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Stay out of the cellar! One of Camp Classic’s firmest rules puts Levi in a dilemma when he hears banging on the cellar door. Could it be a Lake Superior sailor driven into Terracaelum’s underbelly by a storm? Or is it one of the Dvergar trying to lure a foolish camper to certain death? It’s only the first night back in the castle and already Levi must make a potentially disastrous decision: Should he disobey Mr. Dominic at the risk of his own life? Or do as he’s told, possibly leaving some poor sailor to wander in darkness until he starves?












Left on Castle Island by his parents to attend Camp Classic, Levi Prince finds himself at the center of an enchanted world of amazing abilities, cloudy motives, and wicked beings that will challenge his very spirit. He begins to form friendships, but life at camp becomes more confusing as questionable activities and uncertain agendas bring about conflict that tests his character in ways he never expected. Finally, faced with a friend’s betrayal, Levi is forced to confront true evil. Will he find the courage to stand his ground, and to become the hero he was always meant to be?




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