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Julie Sanders

Julie SandersWith the heart of a gentle mentor and inspirational teacher, Julie Sanders relays her passion to see people find God through writing truth for life online and Bible education for women in all walks of life. As a pastor’s wife, Julie travels internationally feeding a common need among people to know God’s peace. While at home, she touches the lives of others through her internet home, Come Have a Peace. Julie calls the Southern United States her home, where she and her husband savor time with their two nearly-grown children.

Connect with Julie on her Website, Come Have a Peace, where she offers peace for your days by sharing God’s truth for the things of life, marriage, and parenting.
Find her on Twitter, and join in the conversations about Expectant on Facebook.
You can also find Julie writing with The MOM Initiative and The MOB Society teams, where moms are passionate about mentoring other moms. As you grow your family, she will help you grow your expectant heart on the journey of motherhood.

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As her body, schedule, and relationships change, a mom-to-be craves more than just chocolate. With forty devotions offering truth and practical wisdom from transforming your heart as you grow into a mom to discovering insight to navigate your relationships, Expectant delivers many levels of inspiration. Questions are also included to help guide conversations with a partner or a small group. So prepare to be the mom you want to be as you focus on your baby, yourself, other grown-ups, and your new normal, and be encouraged through your relationships with others as you continue on your path to parenthood.

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