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Because of Grace by Jane Daly

Because of Grace: A Mothers Journey from Grief to Hope is a heart wrenching true story of a mother facing the loss of her child. Jane Daly eloquently lets us into her grief, the many challenges that followed, and the hope and grace that subsequently led to healing.

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BecauseofGrace_FlatforeBooks“This book offers an honest and unfiltered glimpse into a mother’s grieving process. Women who have experienced the loss of a child will find it helpful and repayable. I’m proud of Jane for opening up her heart with such honesty and vulnerability.”
—Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

Every mother fears losing her child. When that horror became a devastating reality for author Jane Daly, everything she believed in became distorted. As she tried to come to grips with a life that would never be normal again, Jane found God’s presence leading her from the pain of loss to the peace that passes all understanding. Take a walk with Jane Daly through this story of sorrow and healing, and experience the touch of God that ultimately carried her from grief to hope.

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  1. Allison Miller - March 3, 2015 6:04 pm

    Jane Daly’s story is a strong read. I have had the opportunity to read the first pages and will be ordering it! I taught her children at the Christian school she speaks of. I know the ‘abandonment’ of Christian community she writes of and I completely understand the agonies of cancer – as a Stage IV Non Hodgkins survivor myself. And, as Jane would no doubt agree: Only God knows the outcome of a disease like cancer. All that said, I want to say “congratulations” to Jane and to her family. The journey they’ve walked is at once the most noble and difficult we humans ever must face. Good job mom. You will see Bobby again. He’s with his heavenly Father. An enviable place…in many ways.
    Blessings. . .


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