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Folding in Troubled Times

We all work hard to provide for ourselves and families. It can be troubling when that effort is met with resistance and thick walls that shut us out and get us down.  Those walls can be monetary, physical and even in the form of un-supportive family and friends.

All of our daily battles make up our ability to effectively handle our toughest moments while still feeling we are properly taking care of ourselves and our families. Faced with these heavy burdens, we can be quick to want to fold down, give up, and may feel lost and with nowhere to turn. Grief and depression can quickly set in.

Feeling isolated and alone can be all too real, but the truth of God’s love is the important reality and far greater than our earthly troubles. This can be hard to recognize as we are in the midst of our suffocation.

Ephesians 4 & 5 remind us that we are alive in Christ. By his grace we have been saved.  Saved from this world’s struggles and saved from the eternal grief of separation from Jesus.  Take a moment to break apart your moment’s heartache. To really look at it from a surrendering heart. Give the struggles, bondage and sin to Jesus as he asks for them.  Let it go and break free from what this world weighs you down with. Find not only the freedom in your eternal salvation but also the freedom from this life’s worries. God will make you complete in this life and the next; nothing else will. Breathe deeply, chin-up and have faith in this opportunity God has given us.

But if anyone obeys His word, God’s love is truly made complete in Him.  This is how we know we are in Him. 1 John 2:5

Pray Today: Thank you, God, for gifting me freedom from these struggles, from these wounds. I am blessed with your eternal grace and I let go of my hurts. Guide me as I face today and prepare for tomorrow.

Pray. Breathe deeply. Pray some more.




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